Add personalised logos to merchants / payees


Just a thought, I think it would be a good idea if we can manually update our logos on our screens, so say for your wages you could either have the company logo or a picture of money or what ever you fancied. I think it would make our apps more personal to us, as opposed to same for each person. Anyone like that idea? :bulb:


If that could be done it would be amazing!


I think so too :sunglasses:


The problem with this is that it presumably all points back to a central database for the merchants. Would be difficult to get that to work I’d guess.

For now, I’m interested in getting the genuine logos looking correct!


I asked Customer Service to add my company’s logo for my salary. They done it within 24 hours. That was for a direct credit payment.

Not sure about other transactions.


Hey @scottgale20 - you can already add logos to your payees and we’re working on our merchant logos as you know. :smiley:


Hey James :wave:,
Thanks for confirming this - but yes totally love the fact you can edit payees pictures, my transactions never looked so pretty :sunglasses: