Add money using Android Pay


Has the ability to top up/add money to my Starling account using Android Pay ever been considered.

At the moment I’m using my Starling account to help with a weekly budget and thinking about a switch, but I’m not quite ready yet.

I would love to be able to add money to my account through android pay, now that it is working. Is this something possible for the future?

Tap, Pay & Go with Starling on Android Pay 🤖


That IS something that is currently available via Apple Pay and they’ve said quite a few times they intend to have ‘feature parity’ between the 2 systems.

So, I suspect it’ll be introduced when they update the actual android app to support Android Pay (ie - like with the iOS app where you can add your card to Apple Pay through the app).

However, the Apple version is a little bit limited - the minimum you can add via Apple Pay is £50 and it goes up in blocks of £10. I find it just as quick and easy to login to my other bank app and just transfer the exact amount I want direct to Starling - and it’s done pretty much instantly (I get the push notification from Starling to say it’s received the money before I get confirmation from my old bank that it’s sent it).


The minimum and 10 pound blocks is an app thing I believe because the same is true for topping up by debit card within the app.


Thanks for your feedback everyone! I’ve fed this suggestion back to the team and will post updates here when I have some :blush:


You need to add this before end of September so I can top up a load from my Santander account and make the most of their 5% cashback! :wink:


Any update on this? It would be very helpful not to have to take a picture of my debit card every time I want to add money on my Starling account.


You could just do a BACS or Faster Payment transfer?


No update on this yet, but as @Chalky mentions we do support BACS and Faster Payments :slight_smile:


Fairly cumbersome as an alternative to something that seems easy and straightforward… But yes… An option. Other similar banks support it and it is very convenient.


I suppose the level of ‘cumbersome-ness’ really depends on how good your legacy banks apps are at making payments. I don’t have any issues with Santander or Barlcays as I just have a Payee set-up, takes less than 30 seconds and is probably quicker than taking a picture of/entering details for your debit card.

As far as I am aware no other similar banks offer to top-up via Debit Card/Android Pay. The functionality doesn’t work on the Monzo Current Account preview and Revolut, etc are not banks in their own right, so not really a direct comparison.


It works on Monzo without current accounts. I can top up using Android Pay or using the debit card details I entered once. I just need to choose the amount I want to top up and then select Android Pay or debit card and confirm. No need to enter the details over and over or taking pictures of the same card over and over.
Having to use multiple apps for this simple task is not really a neat solution in my opinion.
The feature is rather nice and the suggestion is to make the Starling app more feature reach. I thought the point of the community was to come up with ideas and suggestions to improve the app, not to get reason why it is good as it is and do nothing about it.


I didn’t say it wasn’t a good idea. I simply offered a work around and pointed out that no other bank accounts do this.

The Monzo pre-paid card isn’t a bank account and it does this because you have no ‘proper’ way of paying money in, i.e. with BACS or Faster Payments. They do have a way of topping up via Bank Account but that’s to a single holding account and the process seems rather manual as sometimes it takes an hour or so or sometimes it’s the next working day. Starling offer Faster Payments which eliminates the need to top up via other methods. It’s still nice to have but I imagine there’s more transaction fees involves with Debit Card top-ups and potentially more with Android Pay and Apple Pay (not sure if there’s a difference or not).


I concur with @Chalky and can also confirm with Monzo current account this option is not available as yet. But I am sure both Starling and Monzo will work to bring this


You can top up Starling with a normal debit card via the app if you prefer.


Hi all, I have raised this in our stand up with the Android team today and asked someone to enable Android Pay for topping up so it will be available soon. It does require app changes and so it will need to fall into our release cycle so could be a week or so, but hopefully not too much longer.


I wonder what happens if your default Android Pay card is a credit card rather than a debit card*? Would the top up be blocked or would it count as a cash withdrawal on the credit card account?

How does Apple Pay cope with this?

*I didn’t think of the horrors that can occur if your Starling card is the default payment method as well :slight_smile:

Accidental Starling Top Up with Starling Apple Pay


Hi, We don’t accept top ups from credit cards as we feel it goes against our key principle of helping our customer lead a healthly financial life, so we currently block credit cards from being used to top up your account using Apple Pay. The same would apply for Android Pay.

We do also have a task to stop you funding your account using Starling. The impact for you would simply be that the money is taken, and then added back to you account so it nets out. Not very useful to top up your account that’s for sure - certainly no free money!


Hello, any update about this subject? It’s November and Android Pay is still not available in app.
Sara in September suggested that would have been done within few weeks… it would be a nice add as I used to be an iPhone user and I miss that feature. Thanks