Add image/icon to Payees


It would be handy and a nice to have feature to be able to add a photo to payees to visually confirm and quickly pick from a list.


Not sure if your in Ios or Android but this is already a feature on the android app!


I’m on iOS. Hopefully coming soon then


it is :slight_smile:


Perhaps you have the same issue as me, i have the ability to add a photo when adding a payee, but it did not save any of the images, and does not allow me to edit the payees to upload a new pic. Perhaps this is just on my phone, but is a shame.


Hey @Scotty_Jones. We released the ability to edit the payee image a couple of weeks ago. Please double check that you’re on the latest version of the app.
I’ll DM you as well!


Hey Kjersti,

Ah right, I must have been completely oblivious! Standard. :blush:

I will check my version and see if I can update some images.



No option to edit for me on iOS as stated too


As Joe mentioned above, the payments designs available on Android are on their way to iOS.
Currently you should be able to delete or rename payees on iOS. Let me or customer service know if you run into any trouble with this :slight_smile:


Unless I’m doing something wrong, there is no obvious way to change or rename payees on the iOS app (version 0.24.2).


Thanks for DMing me. Confusion resolved!
Just to be clear, payees are only editable form the payment section of the app. :slight_smile: