Add ability to select a goal for specific spend type


Given the talk around designating a Goal/Pot for direct debits to be taken from I was thinking that the ability to designate a Goal/Pot for specific spending would also be hugely helpful. I’m talking about for example - card not present transactions could be taken from one Goal/Pot, contactless from another, etc. The ability to do this for card not present/online transacations would solve a problem that comes up every now and again - when spending online often the transacation isn’t put through straight away, this can often happen 3/4 days after actually clicking buy now and confirming. This means that although you know you’ve spent this money it doesn’t show up as being taken from your available balance, making it hard to tell exactly how much you do have to spend. Later on the transacation comes in and your balence drops unexpectedly. Being able to designate a Goal/Pot for card not present/online spending you could move the money into the Goal/Pot when you click buy now meaning the balence you see available is always correct…


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