Add a space after foreign currency codes, before the value



When an amount in a non-sterling currency is displayed, can there please be a space after the 3 letter currency code and before the numeric value? It makes it much easier to read at a glance, which is especially important in notifications.

So, instead of NOK112.00 it should be NOK 112.00

This is the correct way to display it according to the European Union’s Publication Office.

Some examples of how it’s currently displayed:

Should be USD 112.50

Should be NOK 507.00 and NOK 10.703

Also, see the currency rate line on the last screenshot, it always has an ellipsis and no ending bracket, so looks a bit of a mess. No need for the “…” surely?


I never actually noticed that earlier with mine, but it doesn’t look right without the space.


same issue with lei and basically any currency without a “symbol”


Thank you for highlighting this. We’ll look to correct this. Good spot.


We think alike. This little detail has irritated me for months.


@Oliver_Wright - Whilst we’re there, do we really need the ‘USD’? I’d much prefer:

Joint • You spent £83.63 ($112.50) at Linode

The use of £ instead of GBP is being used, so why not use the currency symbol too?


There are a few countries that use and price in both USD and their local dollar using the same $ symbol - Belize is an example.


But if they’re both $ does this matter? I’d be okay with this showing the same symbol.


I would rather the certainty of knowing which currency I had actually paid in - often when abroad things are less than black and white when it comes to paying.


Fair comment.


Personally I would prefer currency codes being used for foreign transactions. It’s simple and there is no confusion.

Symbols are ok but then everyone is going to want a symbol for other currencies and unless you know the symbol its going to get really confusing. Where as a currency code is simple.


I was very confused for a moment there.

Why is it coming through as USD… In Norway!? haha.

Slightly off topic… Did you go to Norway and use your card? I’m there later this month (near Alesund actually), and wasn’t planning on taking much cash!


Yep, did a cruise up the coast so went everwhere from Bergen to Honningsvag, including Alesund. Was able to use card (or Apple Pay) in most places, I’d take some cash just in case as there are still the odd places that don’t take card, usually in remote locations.


It will definitely need to differentiate between US dollars, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars etc. I’ve noticed some combine the code and the symbol to do this, e.g.:

  • US$10.40
  • AU$10.40 etc


That’s the best solution!


Not sure how USD is any worse than US$ or AUD is any worse than AU$ its still three characters. What about Canadian Dollars, and, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Liberia, Jamaica and Namibia and so on ? They all use a $. Going to get very complicated working out what is what.


Duly noted :slightly_smiling_face: