Adaptive Android Icon + Press Back Again to Exit



I’ve just joined Starling, I haven’t even got my card yet. I’ve been playing with the app and I really like it but I just have two suggestions.

  • Add an adaptive icon
  • Add an option to disable “Press back again to exit”. This isn’t really a common UX pattern in other android apps.

Sorry if this sort of thing isn’t allowed, the other posts seem to have more substance than this one.



I have many Android apps that require a double press of back to exit. I love it because it stops you accidentally exiting the app when going back multiple times.

I get frustrated by apps that don’t have it.

It would be good to give the choice to the user, as you’ve said, to cover both alternatives.


To be honest, I think the press back to exit message is a difficult one to balance because humans are difficult! :joy:

If I press back on an app that doesn’t have it, and only want to clear a menu or something, then I get really really annoyed that I’m facing my home screen and I have to load it again! It’s so frustrating.

But if I DO get the message I think “Of course I want to exit… That’s why I pressed back!”

I think I’m just a pain.


I also don’t think the ‘press back button again to exit’ is necessary. The app is really quick to load, and doesn’t make you reauthorise if you were recently in the app.