Achieve Goal by a selected date



Would be good if you could set a date to achieve a goal by, i.e. £500 by the 25th Dec, app could advise you how much you would need to put away away each week or month to reach that goal and monitor it as time goes on and reflect any changes needed to that amount depending on how well you are doing as you approach the goal. (Hope that makes sense :thinking:)


I agree and like this idea. Although I fear that you may be leaving your Christmas shopping a bit late! :joy:


+1 really useful feature!
Nationwide -


Simple bank do something similar.


My rbs bank does it but i want to switch to starling so recommending what i think are useful ideas


…which is a very good use of the forum :+1::grinning:


This is such a great idea! I have let the team know so hopefully they can start to work on something similar :sunglasses:


Have a look at these guys from the states. Nice way of doing goals with a nice clean UI like starling. :wink:


Keep posting content! I linked this thread to the team to have a look. The more the better



I also have used Simple in the US when I lived there and I loved it, was so happy to have found Starling after returning.

I wanted to add, in addition, something Simple does which Starling does not (yet) is report on a total amount of how much money is being transferred into your goals per day.


I have 4 goals.

Goal 1: £4 a day
Goal 2: £6 a day
Goal 3: £35 a week
Goal 4: £100 a week

which breaks down to approximately £29.20 per day or £876 per month.

The reason this is useful is because I can then visualise how much of my wage is being allocated to goals and whether or not I have room to contribute more or whether I should contribute less.

The date thing however is also a fantastic idea and I really hope to be able to use that again like I used to with Simple.

Keep up the great work guys! Love what you guys do.