Account Switching


I started the Account Switching service from my app about a week ago. Since then when I go to that section of the app, it just states Switch Requested.
I’m just wondering if this section should update regularly giving news regarding the status of the switch?
As mentioned, mine has not changed since starting the switch over a week ago!
Being a modern tech mobile bank and championing transparency, it would be a good feature for Starling to implement if it is not already the case!
I assume my switch is still going through??

Account Switch Service


Have you raised this directly with Customer Services?


Remember there was a bank holiday, Spencer :+1:


Yeah, I’m not worried at all. Just thought the app would give updates to the status of the switch, seeing as Starling is all new and shiny with the technology!
As far as customer services go, all they say is the switch is due at the beginning of September. I got the impression they did not know if the app updates or not. Just the impression I got, that’s why I thought I would ask on here. :ok_hand:


I got a text from my old bank confirming the switch, then the starling app updated to confirm the switch was accepted and in progress


Someone at Starling must have seen this, as an hour or so after posting here, I just received a message on my app saying my switch has been approved!



Don’t want to start a new topic to ask my question, so I’ll add it here.

I’ve just started a switch. Can’t try something without going all in (can always switch again if I don’t like it!)

Once I’ve switched will the menu option for Switch Account disappear, as its redundant from then, no?

If not…possibly a setting in the future to add/remove it as an option. :confused: (I like tidy!)



It allows for switching from multiple accounts.


I see what you’re saying but still…

I don’t think we need to have it as a Main Menu item as Switch to Starling and then again under the Add Money menu item…


I am on the verge of switching from First Direct to Starling Bank.

This morning I moved FD loan to Zopa and reduced the APR from 5.9% down to 3%. (you and I both get £50 each if you use my referral). So far, so good.

Before I switch, I just want to understand what will happen. I’ve never used CASS before. So I read the FAQs in the app:

A little feedback, a hyperlink on the website link would be a great help.

I understand that CASS arranges for all direct debits and standing orders to be transferred over. Do you also arrange for my salary to move or do I need to speak to my employer about that?

Oh, and does Zopa accept your Direct Debits. It seems they’ve been resistant to accept any payments from Monzo current accounts.

Thanks in advance. I’m very nearly pushing the button to switch.


You will need to provide your new bank details to your employer.

If they do send to your old account, it will immediately forward in any case.

I don’t think you will have any issues with companies accepting the Starling sort code. I haven’t had a single issue yet. Starling is using an established sort code, Monzo isn’t.

Let us all know how it goes! :slight_smile:


I switched across from NatWest to Starling and have no issues with my direct debits. This enabled all my payments to be forwarded to my account and card payments. I had to chant my salary details for my employer myself.


I’m ready to switch from First Direct to Starling. Before I do, can anyone clarify the position on payees, please.

I have a number of payees (set up in First Direct) for regular or semi-regular payments. Each (or most) have a reference.

From what I can work out, Starling app on iOS gives ability to enter a reference but that reference is not retained for the next payment.

How can I retain the reference on a payee that I set up, please?


I believe that is coming soon on iOS.

Hopefully in the next update. :slight_smile:


I thought I’d answer my own question by consulting Starling Customer Service within the app.

This is what I found:

  • Response within 3 minutes :slight_smile:
  • Confirmed that the reference should be saved :slight_smile:
  • CS left that chat before any chance of my reply. :frowning:

So I did some testing:

  • Transferred money with existing payee adding a reference :slight_smile:
  • Went back to payee but reference not retained :frowning:
  • Created brand new payee with reference :slight_smile:
  • New payee not even saved, let alone reference :frowning:
  • Created a scheduled payment with reference :slight_smile:
  • Neither scheduled payee or references appear in payees :frowning:

In conclusion, I’m disappointed CS told me what they thought I wanted to hear rather than saying it wasn’t possible yet. :frowning:

Also surprised they ran away from the conversation. I’m not feeling the love. :frowning:

And a minor point, the CS had no photo/avatar. I can’t recall any new FinTech app that I’ve been using where there isn’t this social connection.

I hope I’m wrong it the impression is that this is an anonymous legacy bank that isn’t interested in talking to me. And that’s what I was hoping to get away from.

Closed my Starling account

This is something I’ve also mentioned, a shame that they haven’t taken any steps to resolve this.


I would love to able to save the reference. I’ve just come back to ios from android and they had Let you use previous references In the payment. Any update when iOS will get the android payment love. @JamesPratley


Further testing:

If I create a new payee with the same sort code and account number as an existing payee, it overwrites the first.

This wasn’t the expected behaviour and, as it stands, is a deal-breaker.

Reason being is that money transfers to the children’s Virgin Money (formerly Northern Rock) accounts use the same sort code and account number but different reference numbers that are their account numbers.

I’d like to be able to set these up as separate payees. That way I can make ad hoc payments to them easily.

First Direct allows me to do this (albeit it they’ll unilaterally delete any payee that I set up if I don’t use it for a year. They do this without notice and can’t give me a good reason why. I then have to return and set up a payee that I wanted all over again.)

I appreciate it’s early days for Starling. I hope they introduce this functionality. The Payees area shows potential but needs a whole load of work on it. So that and it will be quite powerful.

For now, though, I’ll struggle to use Starling. And left with the feeling they don’t want to talk to me leaves me struggling to differentiate their offering from most legacy banks.


The closing of chat sessions without giving the customer a chance to respond is something they need to sort out. It’s happening far too often.


Yeah. I didn’t know this had happened to others. The message it sends to me is that they don’t welcome the chance to talk to me and they don’t really want to help.

Combine that with giving me an incorrect answer and leaving me to find out their answer is wrong leaves me with a less than good customer service experience.

I was really hoping for something more exciting than this.