Account switching - do i need to close my old account?



I have a quick question about the switching service. I want to move my salary and direct debits across from my Nationwide account. However, I don’t want to close that account. Is it possible to do a partial switch and keep the account open?


Hi, Yes, choosing a partial switch will not close your old bank account.


Oh, when I enter my account details it tell me I can do a Full Switch, but that the “just payments” option is coming soon. Any idea when this will be available.


Apologies, you’re on Android. Only the full switch is available on Android at the moment, we have had some feedback from the iOS experience which told us the transfer of DD’s was unclear and caused some customers confusion and missed payments, and so we wanted to address before rolling our partial switching on Android. Those updates are being done this week and so I’d expect a week or two.


Ah, OK. Thanks for the update.

Would there be any issues if I manually change my salary to pay into starling & then let the partial transfer take care of the DDs when that’s up and running?


Not at all! We’d love that. You just need to update your account details with your employer.

The partial switch option doesn’t move inbound payments anyway, only payments and direct debits sending money out of your account. So if you want to keep your old account open, you’d need to manually move your salary anyway.


Cool cool. I’ve updated my salary payment details :grinning:


Congratulations and welcome to the clan… or flock?!


Good choice :grinning:


Thanks, its great to be part of the flock!!


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I had to google murmuration, this is the first thing that comes up:

Starling flocks: a wild spectacle. Murmuration exaltation

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Posse? The Starling Posse?

a group of people who have a common characteristic or occupation.
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I’m mid-way through a full switch from Nationwide to Starling on iOS. Are there any problems with full switches that I need to be aware of or are they working as expected?


I’m just over halfway through a switch myself, my DD’s are already visible in app and I have notified work of my change of account today.

All I think is needed to be done now is have Starling transfer the remaining balance in, which closes my TSB account and then wait to see if the one standing order I have arrives in my account.

Overall pretty painless. :slight_smile:


Great to hear, Thom! :smiley:


Just to update; my switch completed flawlessly just under two days ago. No issues encountered. :smile:


Excellent! :smiley:


Are we any closer to being able to partial switch on Android?


It is a Murder of Crows…not sure what it is for Starlings