Account photo not displaying


You can set a photo on your primary or joint account. However, I’m finding that the iOS app randomly will not display it, showing just the circle with the initial letter inside.

Starling are certainly keeping the photo, since when setting up my joint account, my photo displayed on my wife’s phone but not my own!

On a related note, when I set the photo on the joint account, is it expected to show up on my wife’s phone? It isn’t, but I don’t know if that’s due to the above bug. (It’s no longer showing on my own phone either.)


If you are reporting a bug
Please advise
Operating system, i e Android or iPhone
Operating system version number
Phone make, e g Samsung or iPhone etc
Phone model, e g iPhone X or Galaxy J3 etc

This will help Starling investigate as many bugs are device or OS specific


It could be down to your signal as photos aren’t stored locally. It’s why you sometimes see a slight delay with logos appearing on your transaction list, or no logos at all when you have no signal


This is most probably a bug. I experienced it yesterday as well. We are a bit stretched at the moment, some team members are off on holiday, but I will log this as a bug ticket.


Thanks @Kris it’s been happening with me since latest release.


Had exactly the same issue, thought it was due to my ugly mug as my pic :smile:


I set account photo on both my personal and sole trader account yesterday, both are still there. On Android.


I too have been experiencing this with the latest iOS app (iPhone X, iOS 11).

Had to manually add them back about 3 times now.

I have a Personal and Business account. Not sure if it’s to do with the fact that you now seem to be able to access the “Personal Details” section from the menu while in the business account, but it seems to display the business avatar and not the personal one.