Account Package Integration (Xero, QuickBooks, QuickFile, etc)



That’s a classic freemium service. They make money out of payroll management and card processing fees.


At one time in the past, before their revenue-generating payroll system, they introduced advertisements. They received a lot of negative feedback from customers so they just removed them.

They have since added the payroll features and card processing facilities, both of which earn them enough to provide the main service for free :+1:t2:


Yes, Wave Apps integration would be good for me too :slight_smile:


+1 Agree, would also love to see Wave integration.

They offer a very compelling service for small businesses despite receiving less press than their peers.


Yes! Another for XERO. @StarlingSupport is there any sense of an ETA - I can’t transfer my business account over until there is XERO integration and very keen to - even a rough month would be useful!


Hi @Johnpaul_f,

I don’t want to make any definitive promises but this is certainly entering the latter stages.

We are relying on some development work to be completed by the relevant partners but we are hopeful that we’ll be able to make announcements regarding it’s release in early Autumn



@Oliver_Wright - what packages does this apply to? We use @QuickFile, so really hoping they’re included :smiley:


Hi @Parker,

I’ll have to check this one for you. But I’ll be back with an update tomorrow.



@Oliver_Wright Is there any order in which these integrations are presumably to come out? E.g. QBO and Xero integration at the same time, or one first, then the other, or even something else like Crunch, Wave or QuickFile coming the soonest? Which ones are in just the planning stage, which one are in active development?


Wave would be perfect for me ! Thankyou


Where does integration with Sage stand in the pipeline? While Xero is great, my accountant is heavily invested in Sage Cloud. Note that Sage has direct connections with HSBC (my current bank), Lloyds, Nattiest, RBS, BoS, Cashplus and notably Tide. Related to this point,Sage offers me the chance to connect Starling to Sage via Yodlee, do you support/allow this?


At the moment the top priorities in our Marketplace are accounting software integrations and for the time being these are:

  • Free Agent
  • Xero

We are certainly listening to all of your requests and I do hope we have the opportunity to bring as many of these as possible to the Starling Marketplace but it is one step at a time.


Hi @Oliver_Wright

Thanks for the update.

Given that @QuickFile mentioned above in this thread that they are simply waiting for Starling to support the business API, is there a reason Starling haven’t added them to the list?


Hi @Parker,

There are a number of steps we have to go through before a partnership can be considered and this unfortunately does require some resourcing.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we announce more development in this area.


No Quickbooks then…? :wink:


That’s what I read into that as well.

This disappoints me.