Account Package Integration (Xero, QuickBooks, QuickFile, etc)


I know there is a thread for business account features, but I felt this one is really important, it would be a show stopper for me until it is implemented and I am sure it would be the same for a number of other users.

It’s the ability to interface into my accounts package (in my case QuickBooks).

I use QuickBooks for book keeping and they have a built-in account scraping service for my banking transactions that allow me to match my accountancy transactions with actual money going in and out of my account. At the moment Starling is not a supported account.

Whether it’s through an API implementation, a standalone PSD2 interface or working with QuickBooks to allow ‘legacy scraping’ until that feature is in the business account, I cannot say I will be signing up, which is a shame because I REALLY want to!

QuickBooks allow new banks to be suggested, and obviously, they prioritise new bank support based on demand so it would be great to hear if Starling are already in contact.

If not could they and could other forum users do me personally a favour, if you use QuickBooks, whether you are planning to connect your Starling account or not, please follow this link and log in and request support for the bank!

Integration with Xero/Quickbooks etc
QuickFile Integration
Call to Action for users: Quickbooks integration
No link with Quickbooks Accounting App

We’re on it, Ben! This is the sort of integration we’re hoping for, as the Starling Marketplace will also be available for business accounts. :smiley:


Exactly what I want to hear! :slight_smile:

Excited for being able to try out the product next year!


Optimum would be to implement integrated multi currency with VAT accounting as a component of your solution (see and offer it for a minimal fee of around £1 per week or better still if the account is in credit of say over £1k free of charge - and you make your money by lending the accumulated credit balances overnight.


Are you planning anything for Crunch? An API link would be perfect, but a well formatted CSV file would be workable in the short term.


Good morning…Is there any integration with any accounting software yet ?



This is a requirement for me too.

Despite my reservation with HSBC’s monthly fee, it’s linking with Xero is essential to my accounting.

Excited at the prospect of using Starling for Business though.


I need this too - my accountant isn’t happy with me switching my accounts until this integration is in place :-/


I’m a developer and been looking at this for my own use. I am a Xero user and have recently opened an account with Starling. Having looked at both systems, both have good APIs and developer resources and I don’t think it will be that hard to create a real-time integration with Xero using Starling’s webhooks. I was intending may be making something for my own use - which is easier - but if there is more interest I’d consider writing more of a proper integration.


what about a chrome extension? @tscole, if you make the starling to xero I volunteer to do the freeagent counterpart.


Full xero bank feed is a must for me to use Starling. I see xero talked about working with Starling months ago so a time line would be great.


+1 for ‘more interest’ in this. :smile:


Bit of a call to action for prospective Starling for Business account holders:

If you use Quickbooks Online for your accounts, there is no connection yet, and Quickbooks have said that users need to request the connection for their team to consider implementation. (

So all QBO users, lets get this started, go into your Quickbooks Online account (or application) and in the Banking section, try to add a Starling account (even if you don’t have a Starling for Business account yet). When you search for Starling, it will say the bank isn’t supported, but offer you the chance to “Request Support for your Bank”. Click it and fill in the form and hopefully if enough of us do this, then QBO will begin to work on their integration.

At the moment, Starling for Business can’t be my primary account as the bank feed integration isn’t there, so lets make it happen!


As the largest I think) free to small businesses accounting package and well used by larger ones would integration be on the roadmap for Starling Business? Would attract more small traders to the account as well


From the sounds of some of the feedback I got talking about Quickbooks integration, its very much a case of accounts packages can get going on using the API to integrate now, but it is up to them to integrate to Starling, Starling won’t be doing it vice versa.

Open Banking means that theoretically account package providers only have to do a large amount of legwork once then small customisations for different banking providers, whereas it’s likely Starling would have to spend significant time on integrating each account package in a different way, so it makes sense for the legwork to be done at the accounting package end. (Although Starling incentivising the providers may get the job done quicker :wink: )

Perhaps a tweet/fb/email to QuickFile support to ask them might be a quicker way to getting this on at least one of the two companies roadmaps ;-).


Xero have said it will be next year :frowning:


That’s disappointing as Starling have implied (though not explicitly stated) that xero freeagent integration is coming within the next few months, not next year.

I hope this isn’t another case of over-implying, which is exactly what seems to have happened with the sole trader account debacle.

Perhaps @jasonwilkinsonbrown can shed some light, not expecting exact dates, but is accounting integration from xero likely to be in the next few months as Starling marketing implies or next year as Xero are currently stating?


Hi @Bmacrow,

We’re talking to and working with Xero and FreeAgent all the time. As they are two key Starling partners, i need to be fair to them about what i can say in public.

Our priority at the moment is expanding support to sole traders and multi-PSC businesses as well as Xero & Free Agent. Being honest, the accounting software integrations probably won’t be in the next few months but also at the same time i would expect our first release to be way sooner than a year.

Hope this helps…


+1 for integration please :slight_smile:


Hi @AndyM, is there any tour or review of their app? does it support multi currency?