Account Number then Sort Code?


When setting up a New Payee, I always find I end up writing the Sort Code in the Account Number box because I’ve been conditioned over many years to expect for that to be first thing to be asked for. Halifax, HSBC definitely ask for it this way in App, I’ve just checked. Sometimes it’s nice to be different but I’ve never known for it to be this way around and it seems to catch me out every time. Not the end of the world but I would prefer if it was standardised ie the same way I’ve come accustomed to. Anyone else find this or just me?




Not something I’ve ever thought about and now that I have I’m pretty sure I don’t care which way round it is!! It’s like the @ symbol going from windows to Mac - annoying at first but you soon get used to it!


Like I said not the end of the world but it catches me out ever time. I don’t solely use Starling as my one and only account, not just yet anyway. I also find it’s the thought that’s put in to all the minor things that make the overall experience of a product.