Account Management - Weird Jump


There’s a possibility that not everyone has this issue and it’s only slightly annoying (like images not being cached and loading later than everything else), though I thought it was worth the mention regardless.

When clicking on Account Management in the side menu, as the menu loads and the ‘Verification status’ is determined, ‘Get another Starling account’ gets added to the menu which increases its length. It “jumps” into the list of options, usually as I’m just about to select something, and pushes other selection options further down the screen.

Like I say this is a minor annoyance more than an actual bug. If this could be corrected somehow I’m sure it’d add to the overall user experience.

All the best! Cheers for the hard work.


Not seeing this behaviour in iOS. Are you on Android?


My apologies, I am indeed. I have a feeling it also may not appear for those who already have a Joint and Business Account, for the suggestion (of having an alternative account) would be superfluous.


@SirDanOKeefe you’re right, I can confirm I can see the slight delay on Android. I do actually have Joint and Business accounts already.


Aha, we’re on to something. Again, it is only a minor issue along with the lack of cached images for vendor logos etc. though it’s the small things that can often make the greatest difference. Perhaps the colour or indeed the orientation of a card can make a huge impact. We’ll have to wait and see.


I see what you mean but you must be very quick for that to stop you picking the right option.


I have a particular set of skills… :joy:


Maybe your phone is quicker than mine because I’ve always been able to select what I want without that option getting in the way :thinking:


No, you’re absolutely right, it’s very minor and only messed me up once to be fair. I do however hate things that load a tad later than the rest of the content, especially when it can be avoided.

Additionally, there is another minor issue on the ‘Your Card’ screen. Again, I am on Android and so perhaps not everyone will be able to replicate this issue. Upon navigating to the ‘Your Card’ section, everything loads fine…though a small piece of text crams itself in between the picture of my card and the Lock, Control and Security buttons. The text reads “Your card has been added to Google Pay”. It’s a minor annoyance but an annoyance regardless.


The “Card” screen has been completely revamped in the latest version of the app (due out tomorrow). So worth waiting to see if you still have this issue in the new version.


@jcwacky, Aha of course. Cheers for that, I had forgotten. I love a graphical redesign. Quite excited.