Account Info QR Code and Pay via Contacts


There’s a few of us on Starling now and we’ve been adding each other as Payees etc.
Unfortunately at the moment this is the only way to send money to each other and adding account numbers and sort codes is manual entry.

I’m lazy and have sausage fingers after a few pints at the local, can Starling add a QR code so we can quickly swap Payee details.

Rather than encoding the sort code and account number and having to scan each others code, maybe one could scan a code and have the app auto add each other?

Even better, make it easy to send cash via contacts :wink:

iOS Release 0.29.1
Starling to Starling Payments

Haha that’s exactly what I was thinking a few days ago! :smiley:


Will Starling implement the same service as Monzo, where any contacts that are also on Starling show in the app and you can easily send and receive money from them with a note etc, without having to know their sort code and account number? The most obvious example would be to share the cost of a restaurant bill. This is where profile pics would be very useful.


Great ideas and we have definitely have thought about these ideas (and Paym). As with most things we prioritise features based on user need and it was only a matter of time until Starling customers needed to pay other Starling customers. :star_struck:

We’ll look at where it is on our roadmap.


@sarah.guha thanks to the fact that one Starling customer is likely to convert all his friends and family (sup peeps! :wink: LOL) I suspect adding other customers will become something a LOT of people will do quickly.

OH how about adding a quick add (or maybe auto add) for referrer/referee as hopefully they are friends! :smiley:


Again, great idea.


Love this idea.


Is this not the exact problem Paym was designed to solve? I don’t know how popular it is but for me it has been extremely useful in such cases. It also enables ‘Pay a Contact’ by its very nature. I accept that some people aren’t on Paym, but then how would a feature for Starling only customers be any different?

Personally, I would prefer Starling work on supporting Paym which has wide support among many banks, rather than creating something limited to Starling customers.