Account closure


So despite it starting so well I’ve decided that it’s time to part company with Starling. I was bemused/amused to read in the reply from customer service that closing my account would mean I cannot have another in the future. That seems rather silly, but if it means I’m on Starling’s blacklist then so be it. The rationale behind this policy would be interesting if someone like @patrick would care to share.


Hi Sean, sorry to hear you’re leaving us.
Our accounts are very popular right now, which is why we have made a decision not to reopen accounts (or open new accounts) once they are closed or switched out; for at least 12 months.
This is by no means a blacklist.
We want to allow as many people as possible to enjoy Starling, and a healthier financial life.
If our position on this changes in the future, we will post about it.
Again, sorry to see you go.


personal opinion

I believe the costs of opening and closing accounts are quite big in the grand scheme of things, especially given the data retention laws that financial companies have to adhere to and, given that if I am an example of an average user, I have opened and closed a lot more financial accounts recently, mainly due to wanting to try out all these amazing new services that people are offering, I am not surprised that they are banning what are effectively repeat sign ups given that it will double their reporting costs for you as a person.

Out of interest, what is stopping you partial switching your account out and leaving it dormant rather than closing, if you think you may want to come back in the future surely that would be an option for you?