Accidental Starling Top Up with Starling Apple Pay


Right so I know that this is my own stupidity and it’s not a major one, but it would be great if Starling recognised that it’s trying to top itself up when you’re doing so via apple pay.

I have my Starling Card as my default and topped up £100 earlier without changing the card. Now I’ve got a large percentage of my month’s spend as “Payment” which is just to its own account not changing the balance at all :laughing:

Anyway, loving apple pay in general when my fat fingers aren’t missing buttons :roll_eyes:

Ever tried to top up Starling using Starling?
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I think there should be a system there that see’s Starling decline these types of transaction automatically.

In your case, all that has happened is that your balance has stayed the same and Starling have incurred a cost processing your transaction, whoops!


I think it should be worth suggesting that it should only decline top-ups to yourself - Starling to Starling top-ups should be allowed if for example you’re topping up someone else’s Starling account with your own.


Ah yes very true,

Unless an easier way to pay other starling users using faster payments was brought in, similar to the service that would allow starling to avoid the debit card top up charge they would face.


Given that Starling own the cards they could implement some magic where if a top-up from a Starling card is attempted it bypasses the card networks and directly debits the Starling account the card is associated with. Not sure if it’s worth the cost if implementing it though - I wonder how many Starling to Starling top-ups they usually get.


I’ll give you my details. You can all transfer money from your Starling account to mine and we’ll find the answer.


Hi guys, due to the nature of Apple Pay we don’t see the number of the card being used and therefore are unable to identify that you are using a Starling card to top up your Starling account.

Apple Pay does not share your card number when making a transaction with the merchant.

This is by design and contributes to the security of Apple Wallet.


…I have ! Oops!

I’ve been trying out Starling exclusively this week to see how it goes. I’ll cut to the chase - I’m loving it.

However I did get to the point near the end of the week where I felt as though my initial top-up might not cover all my expenses for the week, especially with delayed TfL charging. So I thought I ought to jump back into the app and top up a little with Apple Pay.

Fingerprint on. Accepted. Processing… ‘Error: Lack of funds’.
Try again. Fingerprint on. Accepted. Processing…

Of course I set my default Apple Pay card to my Starling one.

I can’t believe I did it twice before I realised what was happening! Has this ever happened to you before or can I claim a ‘customer fail’ first?


yep. I did it. Then went to try with the card I should have used but it would not work as my first attempt had used up my daily top up allowance


I didn’t know there was a top up allowance? :stuck_out_tongue:

A benefit of having all my current account needs in and having switched into Starling I guess?

I would assume CS can reset the allowance if you’ve accidentally payed yourself via Apple Pay. I’d guess that because of Apple Pays tokenisation its a little bit harder to spot your topping up your account with your account by Starling?


I didn’t use Apple Pay but my physical Starling card instead of my legacy bank card. As Starling is my number 1 is was just automatic :slight_smile:


Oh, fair enough. I’m surprised that can be done.


Your payment in is balanced by a payment out so balance does not change and your spending report will show a payment to Starling


Yes I have accidentally tried to top up with Apple Pay to Starling from Starling. Easily done. :grinning: