Accessing Starling on Multiple Devices


is it possible to have the app running on my note 8 and on my samsung tablet (the samsung tablet is a little old though it’s a Galaxy Tab S) or can you only have it running on one device ?


You can run the app on up to 3 devices, if you go to Account Management, Your App Settings, Login & Security and choose Manage Devices you can add a new device from there by scanning a QR code.

Please note however that our app support is for smartphone devices, and is therefore not optimised for tablet and so your experience might not be as smooth (especially if the device is old too). Of course let us know your experience though and it might help us prioritise optimisations.


It does not seem to like the QR code on my tablet so have tried entering it manual but it does not like the codes it also a bit hard to say in the code is it is a 0 or a O. So going to try again after work


I have the same issue…trying to set up my iPad and QR code or manual code don’t work even with several attempts? Anyone got any ideas why?


I also find when i get the Invalid QR code screen then i can;t exit that screen despite the message “Tap Anywhere To Continue”…i am running iOs 11.3


Did you have any luck getting this to work? I haven’t


I recently got a new phone (Android, the same as the old one). All attempts to either scan the QR code or enter it manually failed.

I then just signed in on the new device and it texted me a code, which worked. Never did figure out what the point of the QR code was since the text message setup was so easy and didn’t need the old device to be powered on (although in my case it was as I hadn’t moved my SIM over yet)


they sent me a message on how to do it a different way


All well and good if you have a tablet with a SIM and can therefore receive text messages. Not possible if you have a WiFi only tablet.


The text wasn’t sent to the new phone. It was sent to the registered number on my account and I typed it into the new phone. I hadn’t put my SIM in the new phone yet, so it was the same as it being WiFi only at that point.

But yes, I can see how the code would make sense if you had no phone with you. Just a shame so many people have found it not working.