Accessing multiple personal accounts from one device


Hi. My wife and I are now signed up to Starling and loving it. We often go out with just one phone - is it possible for each of us to access our Starling accounts on the one phone?


Not possible to access two different accounts on one device.


It would also be a great idea for when a partner’s phone is damaged, lost or stolen


i would be happy been able to combine my personal and business accounts on the same device


I wondered about this, for the backup purpose. I don’t know about Apple, but on Android there is the ability to have multiple user accounts which I believe are treated independently of each other.

In the hypothetical situation that my wife and I both have Starling accounts and both have our own user accounts on each others’ Android phones, would it then be possible for us to access our accounts on both devices, as long as we’re using our own accounts?

If this isn’t possible, it would be a great addition as it provides that extra level of safety where in the event that one phone is lost, broken or stolen, the other can be used temporarily to lock out the failed device and tide over the user until a replacement can be sorted.


Thanks @Joe_Merriman. I suspected that was the case. It may be a technical constraint, but if not, it’s something that would be useful. As an example, when abroad, we often pay for mobile data on just one phone. Obviously at present, if we both wanted to access our Starling accounts, we would have to both pay for mobile data.


I’ve actually done it. the phone number needs to be unique between accounts, but if you do have the application running on a different device you can create a new android user on your phone with starling installed for it’s main user and:

account management → your app settings → login & security → Manage Devices → Add New Device → scan QR

but the process of switching users is quite slow and annoying


I haven’t been able to switch between accounts on an iPhone. Is @alejandro.mery solution specific to androids?


Yes I believe it is


Android introduced multiple users/profiles back in 2012 (4.2) but unfortunately I don’t think Apple has caught up yet


Hi @alejandro.mery you should be able to access your personal and business accounts via the same app if they’re both Starling and use our switcher to move between them. Shout if you’re not experiencing this.


hi @sarah.guha, now I can :slight_smile: I got my business account before the product was launched and some extra voodoo was required on your side to join both


Ah ha! Good please you’re all set :slight_smile: