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Booked the trip or just got back? Whether you’re planning on safari-ing, sunbathing or just sitting down for two glorious weeks, this is the space for revealing the best tricks and tips in your personal guidebook. Double points for telling us how Starling measures up as an adventure ally!


Hi happy to detail my experiences in India but cant get site to accept my post - sorry


I’ve upgraded the trust level on your account and you should now be able to post. I would love to hear your stories from India! :india:


Hi, was going to write post about using in China but it won’t let me make a new thread


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Hi James, planning on taking a boat from the uk through France and down into Spain in the next few weeks - this will be done using Starling all the way!!! there will be a trip blog if you are interested?


Drop me a DM :email:


email me your email address


Hi James - your email address was returned! weird! Kev