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A few requests:
•iOS widget
•Siri integration
•Ability to send screen shots etc to customer services via in-app chat for support
•Attach receipts to purchases

Send screenshots/images within in-app customer service chat

I’d like to suggest PayM support.

I and a couple of my friends have Monzo cards and for the others the ability to send money to each other on the card is a big feature (even though it is a walled garden).

When I mentioned to them what PayM was they both had neither heard of it and also were amazed that it was cross-bank. Another anecdote is a colleague who sold a second hand item to me recently. The colleague left the item on my desk and 5 minutes later I sent the payment via PayM. Two minutes later they were at my desk asking how I had done that without sort-code and account number.


I’ve never used it myself, but I guess it’s a nice feature to have.


If under the Pay section you had “Pay one of your contacts?” would you use it? That’s PayM.


I guess I would but I would need to feel confident they are going to receive the money.


It works on top of faster payments.



In that case, it’s definitely something to look at I guess.


Are there any plans to add finger print unlocking for Android? (I’ve had a look and don’t think I’ve missed it in the menus)


Will it be possible to access this forum from the app?

Just a thought…


For me at the moment (at least for the next few weeks) I’m topping up my starling account and at first couldn’t explicitly see how and where to top up.

From my perspective there’s two types of users. Those who top up to use the account for certain things and those who use it as a salary straight it bill comes out of main account.

For the top-uppers adding cash to the account seems like a massive stand out so on the home screen where the balance is either clicking that or an icon beside it to top up would make it a lot easier. I can understand from a UX perspective the simple clean approach with as less clutter as possible is ideal but I guess that’s something open to discussion especially to those who’ll top up regularly vs mass depositers once a month etc.


and Android widget?


personally I found it intuitive and topped up without needing any guide or any assistance from Customer Service


Yea it took me a couple of clicks to find it to be honest


Would be good to get of of the “your card issuer may charge a fee for this transaction” at UK ATM’s.


Yes, finger print and maybe iris recognition.

Edit: fingerprint is available on Android.


Starling is in an ideal place to use the Big Data that it collects from its users and return some relevant info back to the customer. The use of the app’s Spending ->“categories/Merchants” section shows that Starling have the means to harvest/interpret this data then turn it into meaningful info to the banking customer.

I would like to see a “Bank balance thermometer”.

The thermometer will be colour-differentiated. Red-amber-green.

Red items:
Red items will be outgoings such as bills etc - the “Must be paid” items.
Direct debits (mortgage/energy/oyster/mobile/broadband/council tax) are a known quantifiable.
These items will sit visually on the thermometer in red, at the bottom.

As soon as a Red item has been paid from the account, it can be removed from the thermometer.

This way, I’ll have an understanding of the outstanding bills on my account each month relative to my bank balance.

Amber Items
Each month, I have a rough idea of the nice to spend (but not essential) items. By analyzing my data Starling would be able to get a pretty good idea how much I spend each month on things like eating out/petrol/clothing. Big Data should also be able to predict things like money for house insurance/MOT/joint account transfers etc

Green Items (at the tome of the thermometer) would be a visual representation of interest and any cash that has been carried over to my account from the previous month and my current likely cash surplus.


This won’t be new to you I’m sure but for me the best feature would be to have multiple currency wallets (just really need £, € and $). Then I could store and spend money in the different currencies.

Th fact that there are no international transaction fees is already a great feature of Starling and I think this would really differentiate Starling from other banks!


DefInitely Siri integration should help. The other day managed to ask Siri to send a payment and Siri offered me the option to use Monzo or Paypal :scream::see_no_evil:. Starling we definitely need better Siri integration in 2018.


I’d agree with the screenshots in chat - i used this loads when on Monzo. They used www.intercom.com which seems much better integrated and includes the ability to send screenshots which really helps when trying to describe a problem.