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Cash Machine details wrong

I’ve said before that we need more details please about Cash Machine transactions. More data is provided than that is given on screen. This lack of detail also seems to mean that the mapping for where transactions took place is wrong.

I used a Nationwide cash machine inside their branch in Staines recently. The map with the transaction shows the location as Barclaycard!

There’s no way Barclaycard were involved so your lookup for maps seems to need work please.

As you can see the text detail is less than a standard bank shows.

Please can you at least pull through and show the BACS transaction line. It should then be straightforward to link this to a database of ATM locations from which to describe and map the transaction accurately. Thanks.


I have that same problem no matter what cash machine I use it shows that one place the money was withdrawn from every time no matter where I go to


Is anyone else unable to open the app?? whenever I open it, it loads up to finger print request and then crashes. Been happening for weeks. I’m on iOS10.3.2 and the latest version of the app.

Tried to create this as a new topic but wasn’t able to