Ability to select a Goal for specific spend category or type


I think that as well as being able to assign Direct Debits to goals , it would be a good idea to be able to tie card transactions (specific merchants) to goals too, along with Faster Payments.

I’ve been learning C#, so I went all in and wrote my own web app that’s hosted on my private IIS box and uses the personal access token to access the Starling API. The app does the following:

  1. Has a database of my DDs, including when they were last paid and next due
  2. Has a database of card transactions (indexed by merchant ID and payment amount,) including last paid date and expected next payment date. This covers my recurring card payments like Spotify etc.
  3. Has a database of Faster payments, including last and next payment dates
  4. Knows what day of the month I’m paid, so calculates last and next pay day (including working around weekends)
  5. Works out my total monthly commitment
  6. Calculates which of the recurring payments in the database have been paid from this month’s salary and therefore how much is remaining to pay
  7. Shows me the balance of my account and any pending transactions
  8. Tells me my remaining money that I can spend on myself until next pay day
  9. Has screens to show a live transaction list for DDs, FPs and card transactions that allow me to select a transaction and add that to my monthly “watched list”. For card/online payments it’s keyed off merchant ID and amount as one of my subscription services takes 3 separate payments per month, so I need to be able to check each one has gone out. If I just used merchant ID it would show as paid as soon as the first payment was made each month, which isn’t good enough.

It occurred to me after I’d written it that it could all be replaced with 1 simple Starling function - allow DDs, FPs and online/card transactions to be tied to a Goal. There should definitely be a default goal, but there must be a way to override on a per DD/FPO/Merchant basis to cater for those people who don’t want to use just 1 Goal. By tying it to a goal, which is contributed to each month, it wouldn’t be necessary to track last/next payment dates as the money would be in the Goal and you could see what is still to go out based on the balance of the Goal.

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Sounds like you’ve been very busy @Daesimpso!

This is definitely something I’d love to see replicated in the native Starling app. I know there was some updates given at the Meet Up but I’m not sure if any of this was mentioned, I haven’t had chance to go back and watch it yet!


I’ve also added the ability to mark a payment as paid in my application.

The reason is my credit card has a DD setup for a fixed amount each month. That’s added to my “watched transaction” list. However, it’s rare the DD gets taken as I pay off the balance when work pays my expenses into my account.

I can then go into my application and mark the DD as though it’s been paid. This makes my application update the next due date to be next month and removes the payment amount from the “outstanding payments from this month’s wage” field and adds it to the “available for me to spend until payday” amount.

If I were replicating my application using Goals as I’ve described above, I would just move the amount of that payment back out of the Goal.


Given the talk around designating a Goal/Pot for direct debits to be taken from I was thinking that the ability to designate a Goal/Pot for specific spending would also be hugely helpful. I’m talking about for example - card not present transactions could be taken from one Goal/Pot, contactless from another, etc. The ability to do this for card not present/online transacations would solve a problem that comes up every now and again - when spending online often the transacation isn’t put through straight away, this can often happen 3/4 days after actually clicking buy now and confirming. This means that although you know you’ve spent this money it doesn’t show up as being taken from your available balance, making it hard to tell exactly how much you do have to spend. Later on the transacation comes in and your balence drops unexpectedly. Being able to designate a Goal/Pot for card not present/online spending you could move the money into the Goal/Pot when you click buy now meaning the balence you see available is always correct…


Yep - that does sound like a useful feature. The savings goals stuff is still, for what I understand, evolving so hopefully they’ll consider this.

Another suggestion - we’ve already got spending categories in the app (Groceries, Travel etc.). How about being able to set pots so that specific spending in those categories can be made from certain pots?

So, setup a ‘Groceries’ pot and then everytime you go to Tesco, it’ll come out of there?


Hi all - just going through some older threads which I missed before Christmas. This is a great idea so I’ve added it to our list! :slight_smile:


We want to focus on iterating our current feature set in the next few months, before adding others, so Goals will be a key focus!


This would be a great feature to have natively within the Starling app!