Ability to Ring-fence off a section of current account


Hey fellow Starlings :bird:

Not sure if this would be a popular idea, but thought I would throw it out anyway.

What are your opinions on being able to ring-fence an area of the main starling account, a bit like the up coming goals feature? For example, I am now using Starling as my main spending day to day account, but for my bills and outgoings I have a nationwide account where I transfer money too. I do this so I don’t spend the money I need for bills, and once I’ve transferred the money i can forget about it till next month.

It would be great if I could ring-fence an area of my starling account to be in essence a second account, where I can set up all my direct debits for bills, but the balance would be separate to my main account, so I wouldn’t spend it by accident.

You could even have different coloured notifications for each ring-fenced areas so you can still see when payments are going out, but you would know which area they came/went from.

Keep up the good work, big fan of Starling :smile:


I like this idea!


Yep - I said something very similar not too long ago but basing it on giving you a weekly budget- Weekly budget setting

So, the account works out what your bills are each month, works out how much you need to set aside, and then gives you the rest as ‘spending’ money (you could then decide for yourself to get it all at once, or a percentage each week, or even daily).


That is an interesting idea. Would your idea take into account others paying into account? Me and my partner pay onto bills account, so is she was to send money to starling instead, would her money be separated?

Either way would be great to see something like this implemented :blush:


As a variation of what you suggest, how about changing the pulse so it has a different colour (a shade of red) for the regular DDs and SOs that are scheduled to go out in what’s left of the month? You’ll know the green/blue is what’s free to spend, the red is committed. And maybe for those that have opted for an overdraft, it could show that in the pulse too.

I guess I don’t find too much value in the pulse showing what I’ve spent today, but would be much more useful to tell me what I’ve got left that’s not committed.

Pulse - how should it evolve?

I totally support that statement about pulse.

I take a hint from Simple in America and think about the concept that Squirrel currently attempts to solve for customers here in the U.K.

The overall idea is putting a certain set of money aside to handle bills based on presets or past payments and then calculating future values to decipher what the appropriate remaining value is.


I agree like the idea as at the mo use starling as my main account and use savings account every month when get paid to put bill money in.


+1 for this. Great idea.


Similar to my post