A thank you


Just wanted to say a big thank you to the teams @ Starling for the hard work you all put in to bring these exciting features to market.


Here’s an Apple for you to give :green_apple:

Just kidding :rofl:

I concur - having only been around a little while there is a good feeling here, and things are happening quickly and with few bugs and limitations.


Yep, your right - things are gathering pace and it’s a real nice thing to be part of…


Well this is super kind… You’re making us blush a little :see_no_evil:

It’s this sort of feedback that gets us up in the morning and drives us on, so thank you very much. :raised_hands:

Speaking of new features… which upcoming feature are you most looking forward to? :heart_eyes:


Savings Goals for me…need my holiday to Florida saved up


I’m excited for this one too - hopefully I’ll actually be able to save up properly for Christmas this year :christmas_tree::santa:t2:


Ooooo is that a hint it could be VERY soon…or just for testing internally? I’d love to close my money box account so that I no longer get charged and be at risk of getting back less than I put in.


We’re working on it at the moment and we expect to get it out this summer. :sunglasses:


Ooooo by the end of summer! That’s great news specially as we are halfway through! You guys must be working all day and night to launch new features! But I’m certainly looking forward to Savings Goals


Savings Goals - I’ve got three holidays coming up :joy: