A Starling code repository


I think its great that Starling encourages use of the API, what would be nice is a place where people that create things using the API could make that available to others in a sort of repository, or even a section on the community.

We have seen a few examples of people using the API and more than happy to share that, but at the moment no simple way to be able to see that code or a guide to how to use it.

I think it would encourage more people to use the API and more people to post the code they have created.


Love that idea! I’ll chat with @JamesPratley about getting something for that setup on here :slight_smile: in the interim, we have this Developer Resources Page you can check out: https://github.com/starlingbank/developer-resources/blob/master/README.md

The live integrations are companies who have access to our public API, and then the types of API access you’re looking for are probably under Open Source Community Projects. To be honest, that section needs to be updated though as not all that have been built are listed there since we last updated.

Love that idea of extending that to the Community though where people can talk about how they use it and provide guides for what they’ve built.


Almost sounds like a marketplace :wink: