A new kind of card for a new kind of bank



Clearly nobody consulted with disability charities like RNIB about the designs or even thought for a second about accessibility. No raised numbers and white text on a light pastel blue background? That’s a partially sighted double whammy. I worked in graphic design for all of two years but even I know that you need contrast in colours for text for the partially sighted!


Welcome @Luke_Richards! You seem to be new! This point has been made many, many, many times before, and there are many differing views on it. I’ve not actually seen one in person yet so i have no idea until i start to use it what it will be like, i shall reserve judgement till then. :grinning:


For those who have more than one account, it will absolutely make a material change, no more using the wrong card accidentally because they all look exactly the same (especially in Mobile Wallets)!


What, did it Split? :joy:


Unless I have gone mad… Nationwide FlexPlus is only commission fee for cash withdrawals abroad, but not for purchases… :face_with_monocle:


Yes, the Nationwide Select Credit Card gives you commission free purchases abroad, so the combination of the two works well.


I think the idea is great. Mint Card (now with RBOS) did this many years ago with altering the shape of the card however and it wasn’t proven to be very popular (Mint has folded into RBOS who don’t use the brand anymore). The other issue is in the event systems go down, and they do, there’s no fall back to use a Fallback Sales Voucher to make a payment (for those younger than 30, this was before electronic terminals where you have to have your cash placed on a plastic device with a sales voucher). At Chessington World of Adventures, they had a crash a few years ago when I was there and I had to show the 16 year old behind the counter how to use “the old method”. I love use of technology and electronics, but there’s no fallback. A bit like when there was a silly idea of making cheques redundant - again, there would of been no fall back without having good old fashion pen & paper at the ready! It looks nice (although personally the colour doesn’t do it for me as doesn’t take the card being a bank card serious enough). Best of luck but I personally won’t be requesting a new card if I stay with the bank.


So I dropped my Starling card in my mug of tea… it still works :raised_hands:t2: :rofl:


glad to hear your mug still works !


Sounds like an excuse to get a new teal card; although I know its not as you’ve already got one. :wink: :rofl:

As long as it’s dried out quickly, it’ll be fine.

Glad to hear it still works. :grinning:


I think the issue is, it depends on each person’s level of sight loss. For me for example, I horrendously struggle with the new cards and really need a lot more contrast


Which you will hopefully have on the new card when it arrives.


What was it, ‘mint’ tea?