A few thoughts on 'Pay' functionality


It should be possible to set up a new payee without sending money at that point in time.

During setup the sort code should show the bank and branch to confirm it is correct (Handelsbanken does this) and a modulus check should be performed on the account number to ensure it belongs to the accounts numbers at that branch. Faster payments suffers from not validating recipients at the point of setup so anything Starling can do to mitigate this would be helpful.

References should default to upper case character at the start.

The total amount sent to a payee should list the individual transactions.


I would agree with this, I got around this by setting up a scheduled payment to a new payee then cancelling the scheduled payment. Although it would be nice to be able to just add payees.


Completely agree. As mentioned, you can cancel and save the payee but this isn’t ideal.


This is an iOS only issue, you can add payees without having to pay them on the Android app.

I discoverd this yesterday when I invited the other half and found that I could add her account to my Android easily but she couldn’t add me (because there wasn’t any money yet).

I know that the Starling crew keep saying that Payee/Payments on iOS will be get feature parity with Android soon! Strangely, the missus wasn’t too gutted that I could set her up to send her money and she couldn’t!


Reckon that’s message received then…:grinning:


I agree with all of that.


There is some checking in there: I tried to set up a payee and put in a wrong but valid sort code.
I got an error message telling me to check again. It would be nice if there was a bit more information shown, if it’s available.


Thanks for the feedback - we really appreciate it!

The ability to add a payee without setting up a payment is something we’re looking in to. Updates here: