A Coin Jar


…Tumbleweed :sweat_smile:


I’d love this…I’m doing it manually at the moment.
Interestingly it would appear to be a very popular feature request over on the Monzo forum too, and seemingly overlooked/ ignored by them also.:thinking::thinking:


We do have this on the list of features customers are interested in :smiley:


I guess they don’t want to cannibalise Moneybox and similars


That’s what I’d assumed too


Unless Starling are going to offer their own Stocks and Shares ISA, I think Moneybox can still entice customers.

I just hope that either this can happen, or feature where Moneybox has its own ringfence in a customers Starling account similar to goals that would allow for these round up transactions to be made instantaneous.

I would imagine that the reason for the weekly payments is to reduce the transaction fees that would come with more frequent micro payments.

A stop gap to make instantaneous round up savings would be amazing.


I would love this, if it could go into all goal accounts evenly also wow!

Would be so easy to save, I also don’t like the look of money box as it’s not a solution only a workaround.


I want this really bad! for my piggy bank haha



I personally appreciate improvement/feature development around goals the most as it’s probably the area I value the most!


+1 for this comment.

Use an internal Starling round up feature to dump round ups into a goal which then empties once a month into a savings account that could be provided by anyone (EG a MoneyBox Stocks and Shares ISA).

If done through marketplace it could work for all parties, user gets instant round ups, saving provider gets a new regular saver and Starling gets a commission from the savings provider as they do with most providers on the marketplace.


+1 for this feature!


Hey @Starling, any movement on this? It’s a feature I would seriously love you to implement. Please :slight_smile:


+1 for this feature I would love to have this with an instant sweep into a savings goal within starling.

For me the moneybox solution doesn’t work as it’s an investment service rather than just a savings pot and the management fees are likely to erode the potential benefit


Its funny how many people want this feature, yet Starling dont seem keen on introducing it…


I’m sure they’re working on it but only have so many developers and things that are a higher priority (like v2 of the API) - maybe they want to implement this new feature with all the additional bells and whistles that people think of but want to rigorously test it or maybe need to rewrite parts of the app or API to get it in properly. Maybe they want to roll it up as a major release with some other features?

Dev work takes a lot of time. You just have to be patient :slight_smile: