A Coin Jar


Hi, i recently opened both a Starling and Monzo account, i couldnt decide between the two so i ordered both as i wanted to have a play around with both apps etc. I have definitely gravitated towards my Starling account, the app feels more premium in my opinion and alot cleaner. Loads more benefits and little extras i like on Starling, and I love the goals page too. However the new coin jar pot on monzo is a great idea and i would love it if Starling could do something similar for goals so i didnt get pulled towards my monzo card! :wink:

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Round Up Transactions to Goals

This has been requested in quite a few threads so it’s likely on their radar, but no indication of how long we can expect to wait… The monzo launch will hopefully light a fire under Starling :sweat_smile:





I also have a Monzo account and the coin jar is a great addition.
I normally pay cash for my car fuel but today I used my Monzo card.
As you know trying to get that display to stop at full pounds is very difficult and I always carry some 1p pieces in the car.
But I no longer need to worry, sure enough the display went over a 1p but using my Mozo card it was rounded up by 99p so i no longer need to carry 1p,s in the car any more.


If you were paying by card, it wouldn’t really matter would it? Unless I missed something…


Normally being of the old generation I prefer to pay cash at the petrol pumps but having the chance to have the sum paid rounded up to the nearest pound and knowing with my shaky hand I normally go over by 1p I thought I will try the card for a change and I made 99p.

Trust you see where I was coming from.



Erm, I think I understand what you mean, but I wouldn’t say you made 99p… You just automatically put 99p into one of your savings pots (which is a good feature, I’ll gice them that).

My point initially was that in your scenario, if you pay by card at the pumps, it doesn’t matter if you are over by a penny (or any price). The need to carry change disappears altogether when paying by card.


Hi @Philip_Parkin

Welcome to the Starling forum. Not sure how long you’ve been an account holder, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself using less and less cash with your Starling card in your pocket!

The instant notification which comes with each transaction is a nice reassurance as well as showing you through your app, what you spent, where and when. :grinning:


I’d absolutely love this feature to be added to Starling!


I reckon we will get something :wink:


I do too. It doesn’t sound like it would be that difficult to implement.

On this sort of subject - I could see something like a IFTTT system implemented. Not just for money roll ups, but if you receive a refund or money from a specific location gets automatically added to the goals.


I’ll be pleased when we relabel this thread “Starling’s Coin Jar”.


The power of the community can make things happen


You bet :+1:


Gets my vote. In fact, is their somewhere we can vote for features?

It would be great if such a feature supported configurable tiers. For example, purchases under £10 would round up to nearest pound, purchase over £10 round up to nearest £5. Such configurable tiers maybe give Starling the leg up over Monzo’s coin jar.

It would be fantastic if such functionally could be implemented.


Yes please!


Hi, new user, first post. +1 for this idea. It’s the only thing stopping from making a full switch from Monzo.


It’s the one thing making me possibly test out Monzo again… Though still loving my Starling account…


It’s my one and only want at the moment.


I’m gonna guess that this is a while off as Business Accounts are gonna be focus and bug squashing - and i’m sure the log in screen was next on the list.

it’ll be cool when it happens but I still think scheduled payments are better.