24hr Clock


I’d been keen to hear thoughts around implementing a 24hr clock in the app over the current 12hr clock? I can’t be the only one that would prefer a 24hr clock? :thinking:

I don’t like having to think twice about what time I’ve used my card - i.e. did I get that Tube at 8 a.m, or 8 p.m? Both entirely reasonable scenarios. In my opinion, 8 a.m should be 08:00, whilst 8 p.m should be 20:00.

Really insignificant albeit annoying feature of an otherwise great app.


What app and device are you on @m4tts90?
I have a 24hour clock in my transaction list (am on iOS and have 24-hour clock set as my device standard)


@kjersti.larsen I’m using iOS (7 Plus) with the latest Starling update, phone is set to 24hr


Hmm… mine changes back and forth with the phone settings (as it’s meant to) :thinking:
Can i ask you to try switching it on and off again? If it doesn’t work, i would be great if you can log it directly with customer service so they can investigate further!


If it helps @m4tts90 and @kjersti.larsen, I’m using iOS 10.3.3 app version 0.27.0 on an iPhone SE, and the transaction time toggles between 12 and 24-hour on the fly without any rebooting necessary (or even relaunching the app).