1 Year Anniversary


For those of us who have been here since the start (and later), its worth noting that May 16th is the one year anniversary of Starling being available to the public. Should we/Starling do something to celebrate?


Great minds! I believe @JamesPratley has something in the works. For the Starling buffs it was actually the 9th May 2017.


I might have been out by a week…! Thanks @sarah.guha


We need to celebrateeeeee :cocktail: :tada:


I opened my account on 10th May 2017 with a £50 initial deposit, and commenced partial switches from Nationwide on 11th May 2017, and Tesco Bank on 12th May 2017 using CASS. And I’m quite chuffed that I did. :clinking_glasses:


I signed up the day I heard about Starling; (on the 18th June) sadly I don’t recall how I originally heard about it though? :frowning:

I had stopped using Monzo a few months prior and was with then with TSB.

I tested out Starling for a few months, really liked it and switched overcompletely a short while after the CASS was supported. I’m really glad I did. :smile:


And we are too, Thom. Very pleased to have you with us! :smiley:


I signed up on a train from York to London in May. I think that says it all really - signing up for a bank account on a train!!


Well, that’s one way to get your finances on track. :wink:


I joined Starling 15/06/17.


Account opened 10th May :slight_smile: and what a great day it was.


Joined 22nd May and fully switched 12th June. :slight_smile:

A year on, I still think it was one of my best financial decisions.




16th May made banking interesting.
(Still not received my cheque book but I’m not complaining :wink:)

It’ll be a big Happy Birthday to Starling :wine_glass::birthday::tada:


I haven’t been around since the launch - just a few weeks I’m afraid - and haven’t done the full switch yet (but probably will), but I’m loving most of what I’ve seen so far. I look forward to celebrating many Starling Anniversaries.


And you’re a most welcome new addition to the forum :grinning:




@MIROW @Graham. Thanks chaps. .Great to be here.


I love this thread, it’s really made me smile.


Thanks Graham for recognising that is my birthday. You really have done your research!!!