04-00-40 : What's the plan?


I know this has been discussed on the Monzo community but I don’t see anything on here? Do you have any plans to start using the 04-00-40 sort code or will you be sticking to 60-83-71?


Wondered that myself


What is the significance of the 04-00-40 sort code ?


I assume that it’s very similar to Monzos sort code which is 04-00-04.


This is really quite sad - but I much prefer the obviously new/different sort codes. My old B account was 05-00-05.

60-83-71 is very similar to my Natwest account from years ago. I think there’s a reason for this? Something to do with buying an existing code from an established bank to lessen acceptance issues? (Or did I just completely make that up?)


It would be interesting to learn about the history of the sort code, and why we have what we have.


good question and why we have second sort code not being used. I would think its there for future use.



@Johnny I’m referring if there is a reason why Starling got the sort codes they did.


Ah. I see. No idea.


Strangely enough, both Monzo and Starling share the same Chaps BIC NWBKGB55

So I have a feeling, that Natwest may be the sponsor bank for both of them for faster payments etc.


That’s strange my Starling app shows this bic SRLGGB2L


Same for me


I think more likely the sort code for 608371 was an unused NatWest one taken by Starling and the place you got bic from has not been updated to reflect this.


This is CHAPS BIC not the one showing in the App, and is direct from the EISCD :slight_smile:

Details for sort code 608371
Bank Starling Bank Limited
Branch Starling Bank Limited

Details for sort code 040040
Bank Starling Bank Limited
Branch Starling Bank Limited

Details for sort code 040004
Bank Monzo Bank Limited
Branch Monzo

All taken from the last update to the EISCD (Extended Industry Sort Codes Directory)


I stand corrected thanks @mozzauk


It’s been discussed on here a few times, but as far as we know, Starling (and Monzo) are not sponsored by NatWest in any way, they have their own banking licenses and don’t need ‘sponsorship’.

However, Starling does use NatWest as a service provider for features they don’t or can’t support (cash depositing for example). My guess is that Starling does not have CHAPS systems in place and so have outsourced that particular thing to NatWest.


Non-clearing banks need a clearing bank to access the bank system. Nothing to do with sponsorship, l guess it’s probably a commercial decision; which clearer does it cheaper… When l banked with Citibank they had a Lloyds sort code, huge Bank but still need a UK clearer. I am not sure the relevance of clearing in a digital age of faster payments etc.


@Bmacrow @dinkyinki “sponsor” is indeed the word used on the industry where a “smaller” institution does not have direct membership of the UK payments clearing system and gains acces via a bank that sponsors them into the system. So you’re both right in your description of the situation. Just clarifying the way sponsor is used in the industry.