01/08/17 iOS Update


Today’s update 01 Aug has broken the app for me it fails to log in, after using touch id it just hangs with the spinning circle sign, I have found a way around it. If you press the home button while it’s doing this then immediately open the app back up it lets you in. Once in the app though I cannot view card details as that hangs again with the spinning starling sign. Anyone else having issues with today’s update?


Android ?


They are experiencing problems at the moment. They are working on it as we speak.


I reported in slack getting 400 errors,is that related?


I’m not too sure. @sarah.guha could this be related?


Sorry nope IOS


Just to clarify I don’t know if they are having issues with switch directly, they they are having issues with the app tho.


Not sure if an app issue now as it has appeared to fix itself for me


The iOS app has been slow, back to normal now. Is it back to normal for you now?


Speed is back to normal. My transaction not showing from around 20 minutes ago tho. I’ll DM CS


Ok thanks @Joe_Merriman - pls do contact them!


Thanks Sarah yes back to normal, now that’s what I call service with a smile😄