£0 Transactions Crash Android App


I’m having random merchant that I have never shopped appear in the merchant section of the app, these don’t appear in the list of transaction and when I tap on them the app crashed, under there categories they are also not listed. Therese transaction have also apeared in previous mounth also. Is this bug affecting anyone else?

£0 Transactions Crashing Android App

0%? Same here…


I’m having a slightly different issue, I cannot suggest updated information and the name shows up funny. In the iOS wallet up, this shows up fine, with correct address, name, etc. I’ve let support know, I was told it’s a bug in the last update.


Please raise in-app as well to make sure no bugs gets missed


Thanks will do


I cannot see any transactions since the new app update, my ledger is completely clear. I have also since the last app update, not been able to view my transactions details when selecting them (the app just crashes).

I’ve fed this back in app, and through crash logs, for the past few weeks, but still no resolution.

Because I now cannot view ANY transactions, this makes banking with Starling absolutely impossible - even though i switched everything to them.

Not impressed with the past few weeks of service at all, and we seem to be going backwards.


Hi! I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been impressed with the service, we’re here to help and want to get this remedied for you!

Can you get in touch with our CS team through the app? I’m keen to try and fix this for you!



I’ve been in touch consistently for the past 4 weeks (since 9th March) and have active threads; my last update to the thread was 12 hours ago; I don’t see what a new message to CS will achieve. If this was any other bank I’d be receiving compensation for service failures.

Do you have a complaints procedure or should I just go straight to FSA?


Hi @rxfleming I have the ticket for your issue being looked up. The last app released (0.46.1) included extensive changes to our transaction feed which we had anticipated would resolve the issue you were experiencing where the feed was crashing. Thank you for updating us that unfortunately it has not been the case. Your ticket has been escalated and is being looked into by the team. We will update you on our progress. For our complaints procedure please contact CS via the app.


Hi @James_Bray Can you confirm for me, are the ‘random’ merchants you don’t recognise the 0% ones? Cafe Nero and Google Domains? Have you logged this with CS via the app? If so we can check the transactions on your account to investigate this issue. Thank you.


Thanks for letting us know @cgkr. Have you logged this via CS in app? If so I can search and look at this transaction for you in more detail. Thanks.


Iv never shopped at caffe nero or bought a domain via google, they just appeared on April 1st even the ones for previous months, they don’t appear on the transaction log when you swipe up from within the Android App. I have even reinstalled the app and there still there. Yes I have logged this via chat on the app. Of course you can investigate.


Great thanks - we’ll take a look.


Hi @sarah.guha, I’ve reported this to CS (actually twice - as I was trying to find the root cause of another issue). Seems fine now, not sure if that’s something you fixed yourself or if it’s part of a global fix.


Thanks, good to know it’s resolved for you.


Seem to have some zero valued transactions in the merchant tab when clicked app crashes

Samsung S8



Hi @Darren_Thompson, have you contacted the team via the app so that we can get this investigated?

We’d also appreciate if you could send us these screenshots to help@starlingbank.com to help us get to the bottom of this.


I’ve had the same problem with £0 transactions and crashing as well. I sent a message to CS via the app, and had a response from Jonny. I have also email a screen capture to help@starlingbank.com as requested.

This was on the 2nd April but haven’t had any updates since. :hushed:


I believe we got back to you earlier today with an update related to your issue with a resolution coming in an upcoming update.

Though I would like to ensure that we do have a resolution for the original posters issue by having them contact us so we can investigate and if it is the same issue then we should have a fix coming, but best to be safe than sorry!