Ideas & Feedback

Give it to us straight. Your feedback helps us to build a better product for you, so this is a space for you to explore your ideas, suggestions and general musings alongside the team here at Starling Bank. Whether you want to weigh in on new app features, discuss how our website’s shaping up or just have a chat about how the product’s working for you, we always welcome your take.

Bugs & Help

Bugs, beware. This is where we’ll keep you updated about any known issues we’re facing in the app, and what to currently keep an eye out for. If you do spot any bugs along the way and want to report them, you can also post in here; but if something's not quite right related to your personal account, get in touch with us via our in app chat or web live chat. And don't forget, you should never post any personal account details here.

Upcoming Features

Here’s one for the forward thinkers. If you’re keen to find out what we’ve got in the pipeline at Starling, this is where you’ll be able to discover and discuss what’s on our features roadmap in the near future.

Starling for Business

You know what your business needs – so ask for it! Join the conversation and meet the team designing and building your account, and to give them your take. We’d love to find out what else we can do to help you grow.

Community & Events

Into Morris dancing? Got a weird and wonderful side hustle? Share it here. As part of our growing community, you mean a lot to us – which means that your passions and interests do too. We love hearing about what you get up to in your spare time, so give us a glimpse into your world and inspire your network. Plus you can check back on this section of the forum for news on events we’re supporting and conferences we’ll be attending.

Marketplace & Partners

The Starling Marketplace puts you at the centre of a wider financial ecosystem, allowing you to choose from a range of products and services that are integrated with Starling. It’s a key part of our mission to help you live a healthier financial life, giving you control over your money like never before. Here’s a space to discuss the integrations with our partners, suggest new ones and stay updated on Marketplace.


Keen to keep up with all things Starling? We’re honoured. Announcements is your own personal Starling town crier; it’s where we’ll be shouting about all the new things we’ve got coming up, from important updates to the app through to the general newsworthy stuff we think you’ll want to stay in the loop about.


Booked the trip or just got back? Whether you’re planning on safari-ing, sunbathing or just sitting down for two glorious weeks, this is the space for revealing the best tricks and tips in your personal guidebook. Double points for telling us how Starling measures up as an adventure ally!